Who we are

A minority owned company with a team of highly educated and  experienced data and NLP technologists and experts

what we do

We provide data, technology, and visualization solutions that take content and form insight

How we do it

We use state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to mine content and transform it into useful information that saves time and money

WE Strive for

Providing products and services in harmony with the world.

Bringing clarity to confusion.

Evolving the state-of-the-art.

NLP Offerings


Sentiment analysis is used by marketing staff  which crawls social media to determine the attitudes of consumers regarding their products


Topic analysis is used by researchers to find documents that are relevant to their research ‘topic’.


Summarization provides a ‘summary’ of the topics under analysis. This can save hours of reading by researchers. E.g. medical papers, legal, earnings/fed/ govt reports, patents, etc.


Insight Search(c)

Enhanced search provides more relevant results than search engines. The user is able to filter the type and qualitative nature of information to search.


Custom Apps

Leverage our pre-built framework to get your app built quickly

Consulting and Training

Use our experienced staff to implement your NLP project fast and on budge

Design and Architecture

Use our senior architects to develop an optimum design aligning with your vision

Hosting and Installation

Our NLP products and platforms can be integrated with your systems


NLP Platform

Hosted, installed, or appliance based


Raw and curated datasets and Language Models


Specialized for your knowledge base

Data Processing Platform

For traditional data movement

Digital Assistants

Specialized for your products and services


Cloud based platforms and solutions

Ted Garcia


Experienced and successful data analytics Fortune 500 executive in Finance, Healthcare, Mfg, Retail. MBA, MCS, Data Science doctorate coursework 

Stacy Venne


Over 30 years as an IT executive in automotive, aerospace, and banking. Executive responsibility for data management, architecture, and analytics.

superlative Staff


NLP Scientists, architects, developers, and subject matter experts




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